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10 Things to Do With Your Kids During Winter Break

We certainly look forward to slowing down and enjoying the family time over winter break, but it can also be challenging. Too many late nights, too much sugar and not enough structure often leads to trouble. Here are my suggestions for making the most out of winter break. Going into it with realistic expectations and intention can make a big difference.

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As a homeschooling mom, I am used to my kids being around all day. However, winter break can still be challenging! My kids love their extracurricular activities and seeing friends. Most of their activities also take a break around Christmas, and some friends go out of town. I am a big fan of unscheduled time, and letting kids be bored. It sparks a lot of creativity. But, winter break can feel long, especially if the weather is gloomy or cold.

Set Some Guidelines

Everyone enjoys a more relaxed schedule over winter break, but I would not recommend completely letting things go. It usually does not end well! Set realistic parameters for bedtimes and waking up in the morning, snacks/meals, screen time and chores.

Make a Bucket List With Your Kids

Here are some ideas!

winter break ideas

As a parent, sometimes these activities can seem overwhelming. Not everything on the list has to be done with the entire family. For example, each child could be assigned a night to pick an easy dinner to make for the family. Also, get creative! The closet clean out could be turned into a friendly competition. Or, go to the Dollar Tree to pick out some fun face masks, hair accessories, and nail polish for a “spa day.” Use post-its on the refrigerator as a “job board.” For example, “Clean out kitchen junk drawer $2,” or “Clean out car $5.” Let the kids get to work and earn some extra cash.

With a little bit of planning ahead, winter break will be much more enjoyable!

Not sure where to begin? Use our free printable to map out winter break with your family! 

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