kids closet organization

Kids Closet Organization Ideas

Living in the midwest means that our wardrobes change pretty significantly throughout the year. Now that the cooler temps are settling in, my kids' closets are ready for a little clean out and spruce up for the next season. Keep reading for kids' closet organization ideas and how to keep it SIMPLE!

kids closet organization

It is mid October, and the other day my daughter came into the kitchen dressed in a tie dyed, summer dress. I know it get sunny and warm in the afternoons still, but I decided IT WAS TIME to tuck those summer dresses away!


Two of our girls share a room and walk in closet. The shelves needed to be organized, and of course the only solution to any real closet organizational dilemma is....BINS from Target.

In the past couple years, I have really attempted to diversify where I shop, but I really do love the these bins from Target. The simple style makes them very versatile. Plus they are a decent quality for the price, carry a variety of sizes, and Target has continued to stock them over the years, so it's been easy to grab more when I need them. As a mom who is constantly trying to manage the chaos of living in a household of six people, organization matters! So yes, I just wrote about why I love a particular kind of plastic bin on my blog. :)


Favorite Plastic White Woven Bins from Target

Similar Plastic White Woven Bins

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kids closet organizaiton


The problem with most closets is that there are simply too many clothes! Between hand-me-downs and seasonal clothes, it naturally gets chaotic. When the seasons change, I make these piles:

1. Worn Out Pile: anything that has stains or holes, and needs to be tossed

2. Donation Pile: anything that doesn't fit or we no longer need

3. Storage Pile: anything that can be worn next season

I have ONE large bin in each child's closet for the "Storage Pile." So, when I was cleaning out their closet over the weekend, I put their summer/spring clothes in the bin and stored it up high on a shelf. This way, kids aren't dressing in shorts and a t-shirt when it is 40 degrees outside! Problem solved!

kids closet organization


In theory, with less clothes there should be less of a mess. However, I have NOT found that to be the case necessarily. I simply have to stay on top of my children with reminders to use their hampers and put clothes back before things get out of control again. This takes diligence and grace. 

kids closet organizaiton

Children need help with learning the discipline of how to take care of their things. It's a muscle that grows stronger over time. I do not give my kids consequences for letting their closet get messy, simply because that's not the "hill I choose to die on." There are other areas where I am more firm with them. Choose your battles. It certainly looks different in every home. We do our best, and I always use the change in seasons as a nudge to do a closet clean out and reset. 

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