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Favorite Ways to Make Hot + Cold Coffee at Home

Whether you enjoy your coffee hot or cold, I have got you covered with my favorite, simple ways to make a delightful cup of coffee from home. I've also rounded up all the links to my "must have" coffee accessories in this post. 

Links to Must Have Coffee Accessories

Favorite Hot Coffee with Nespresso

I always look forward to making a hot Nespresso coffee as a little “pick me up.” For a medium roast, smooth and balanced coffee, I love the Melozio pods. For flavored coffee, I like these too. I add a dash of cream and maple syrup, as sweetener. Recently, I found this Organic Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup from Costco, and it is my favorite for adding some natural flavor to my daily coffee.

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Favorite Iced Coffee Recipe

For a cold coffee option, I like using the Chameleon brand coffee concentrate. I make a basic, cold foam topping in a separate cup, by mixing heavy cream, a little sugar, and dash of vanilla extract, with my handheld whisk. The whisk makes the foam rich and creamy in seconds, and is super easy to use. I wrote an entire post on perfecting the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, if you are interested in a closer glimpse of the process!




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