pumpkin play dough tray

Pumpkin Play Dough Activity Tray

Create an inviting learning experience for your child with this Pumpkin Play Dough Activity Tray. Your child will stay busy and engaged with this easy to make, sensory activity. And, while they are use their imagination and creativity, they will also develop fine motor skills! 

For our October tray, I grabbed googly eyes, pipe cleaners, buttons, and beads. It doesn't get much simpler than that, and this tray was BIG HIT at our house!

pumpkin play dough activity


This Pumpkin Play Dough Activity Tray will provide your child with the opportunity to strengthen their fine motor skills. All of the smashing, pinching, rolling, and manipulating of the play dough will engage their hand muscles. This is important for mastering tasks like doing buttons, zipping, and holding a pencil properly for writing.


Since the main sensory tool for this activity is play dough, I whipped up some orange homemade play dough while in the kitchen. It only took five minutes, and the play dough is super soft, non-toxic, and the perfect pumpkin orange color. Don't shy away from this super easy DIY!

I always look for simple materials that I have on hand first, and then use stores like Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Walmart to fill in the gaps. For this specific tray I used googly eyes from the Dollar Tree, pipe cleaners from our craft box, buttons from the Dollar Tree, and beads from Hobby Lobby.

pumpkin play dough activity


pumpkin seeds


pumpkin shaped cookie cutter

numbered cards (to practice counting)

red, orange, yellow, brown buttons

mini rolling pin

woodland creatures (owls, squirrels)

candy corn

small sticks

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pumpkin play dough activity


There are so many different ways to play with the Pumpkin Play Dough Activity Tray:

  • counting pumpkins (early math skills)
  • comparing sizes of pumpkins
  • creating their own "pumpkin patch" 
  • making patterns with the buttons and googly eyes
  • imaginary play with creating "cookies" or a "pumpkin family"

You will be amazed by what your children come up on their own, without any prompting!

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