printable homeschool planning pages

Printable Homeschool Planning Pages Bundle

Every homeschool needs a plan, but it sure can be overwhelming! These Printable Homeschool Planning Pages were created specifically for the homeschooler who wants to get his/her ducks in a row!

printable homeschool planning pages bundle


Are you looking at a large pile of curriculum and books, not sure what to do next? Trying to meld everything together into an actual plan that will work for your homeschool is not an easy task. That is why I created the Printable Homeschool Planning Pages Bundle. It's exactly what I use to take my vision for the homeschool year and flesh it out into a tangible plan.


I like to start with the big picture, and then narrow down the details, bit by bit. The Homeschool Map is the perfect place to start because its a place to jot down goals, extracurriculars, read alouds, and keep track of curriculum for the entire family.  You will refer to this resource throughout the year.

Use the Master Schedule next to pencil in which child needs help and when. Then, fill in the Student Check List for each child (referring to the Master Schedule) so that each child knows what they need to do to stay on task. I fill it out, make copies, and attach them to a clipboard for daily use. 

printable homeschool planning check list

Tips for Using the Master Schedule:

  • Include every child's name at the top even if they are not school aged yet. This allows you to see pockets of time where they might need an older sibling to play with them while you are teaching, or where an activity may need to be provided to keep them busy.
  • Attend to your youngest child's schoolwork first, and give the older children work they can do independently during that time. Oftentimes, if younger children get the attention they crave early on in the day, they will tend to be better behaved later when you are working with the older children. 
  • Use a PENCIL, and blank space are okay! Use this schedule as a guide, not as an obligation. This leaves room for tweaking the schedule to better meet the needs of your family. 
  • Choose ANCHORS for your day, like morning time, lunch, or nap time. When you are consistent with these anchors, it helps the day to get back on track when "life" happens!
printable homeschool planning page

The schedule is a guide. Don't stress out if your day isn't matching up to it perfectly. There needs to be wiggle room for dance parties in the kitchen, teething babies, and fun discussions that pop up while reading a book together.

printable homeschool planning pages bundle


  • Master Schedule: With time slots for up to 6 children, this page was created to help you as the teacher pencil out which child needs help and when.
  • Student Check List: A simple way for each child to know what to expect for the day and keep him/her on task (TIP: If it's the same list every day, make copies and attach to a clipboard!).
  • Weekly Routine: Love this for laminating and posting in a place where the family can see the overall plan for the week.
  • Family Read Aloud List: Read alouds are a special way to bring the whole family together.  A list helps to remember those favorite books you've been wanting to incorporate into your homeschool.
  • Homeschool Map: A place to jot down goals for the year, keep track of curriculum, and see the big will refer to this resource throughout the year.
  • Year at Glance: Take a look at the year by seasons, and jot down ideas + adventures for each one.
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